This blog reflects the personal spiritual journey I started when I left traditional church to see if I could “find God” — whatever that means — in the most unlikely of places. I did not like the effect religious rules and regiments from years of professional ministry and personal striving had on my faith.

They said not to run, they told me not to shout
They tried to tone me down ordering me to cut it out
Just do it the same way, boring and safe is best
As if my life should be like one and all the rest

But I’ll do what I want, in fact I’ll try church in a bar
Not with the religious as frowny hypocrites are
Just joining other wanderers searching for some light
Now we can come for what we couldn’t get last night

I lived for the world, and found it was a lie
I lived for myself, but the emptiness made me cry
Stuck with my own mess, there is only one thing left to try
To seek the God of Love, who for me was willing to die